Customised Industrial Laundry
Automation Systems

Tullis Laundry Solutions Africa (Pty) Ltd is a specialist supplier of Industrial Laundry equipment to the Southern African market within the ‘extra heavy’ equipment category.

With close ties to Lead Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd (a leading supplier of commercial equipment to the on premise laundry market), Tullis has a wealth of expertise and knowledge accumulated over many decades in this highly specialised sector.

This market segment which generally covers large central processing facilities utilising CBW systems or large freestanding equipment processing in excess of 100Kg/hr, requires specialist skills not generally found in the smaller On Premise Laundry market segment.

Tullis Laundry Solutions Africa (Pty) Ltd offer a unique turnkey solution to government and private clients all of whom have large volume processing requirements in common. The nature of the business which often services large players in private and public healthcare, necessitates the involvement of Tullis personnel from design concept, through project management to final installation of equipment, staff training, and SLA’s governing the ongoing maintenance of the plant over years.


Tullis partners with Jensen, the world No. 1 manufacturer of Continuous Batch Washer (CBW) Systems including Tunnel Washers, Conveyor Systems, Barrier Washers, High production through feed roller irons/feeders and folders amongst others.

JENSEN-GROUP competences cover the entire laundry automation process from soiled linen sorting through washroom, finishing and material handling, offering both individual and integrated solutions and systems.

Jensen takes sustainability and environmental protection seriously and is pursuing a continuous energy strategy in order to rise to the challenges of the future, such as climate change and the finiteness of fossil fuels.

Take a look inside one of the most modern industrial laundries in Europe, the A&M Basse Meuse in Belgium.

Production flows and efficient laundry automation management made possible by JENSEN, in practice.


Dunswart Provincial Laundry, Boksburg 2022

View pictures of our current installation.

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Hygienic Barrier Washers for the Healthcare + Hospitality Industries

Enjoy the highest level of care for staff, patients and clients with specialist hygienic laundry solutions.

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Dundee Regional Laundry, Kwazulu-Natal

This laundry provides services to many hospitals and healthcare clinics in the district.
In November 2020 we delivered & commissioned two 180kg Primus hygienic barrier washer extractors.

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